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Since 1991, BGLAD [Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders and Allies at DuPont] has been a resource group for employees of DuPont and its affiliates, joint ventures and subsidiaries who advocate for or support workplace equality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs). Membership is open to all DuPont full-service employees worldwide who are committed to our Respect for People core value and the DuPont non-discrimination statement, and agree to uphold the confidentiality agreement of the ERG.



The BGLAD International Steering Committee is composed of employee volunteers.  The current members include:


Steering Committee Members


Tammie Lynn, Co-lead

Titanium Technology – New Johnsonville, Tenn.

Kirsten Mucha, Co-lead

Communications, Marketing & Sales – Wilmington, Del.

John Daub

Crop Protection – Wilmington, Del.

Brian Germann

Chemicals & Fluoroproducts – Buffalo, N.Y.

Kaveh Komaee

Engineering – Wilmington, Del.

Alex Koriakin

Information Technology – Wilmington, Del

Diane Lasiewicz

Electronics & Communications – Parlin, N.J.

Carol Lowrie

Information Technology – Wilmington, Del.

Kim Markiewicz

Safety, Health & Environment – Wilmington, Del.

Laura Nguyen

Pioneer – Des Moines, Iowa



Willie Martin

Vice President, Operations North America – Wilmington, Del.

Bill Mooney

Vice President, Operations Excellence, Sustainable Solutions Wilmington, Del.


Human Resources Liaison

Linda Julius

Office of Diversity and Inclusion – Wilmington, Del.